I’ve noticed that all of these body lotions seem made to smell like things that do not, at least to my mind, have much of a smell. For instance, almonds. Also, honey. When we make our co-workers smell Tree Hut’s Almond and Honey Shea Body Butter, will any of them be able to identify the scents? Quick, consult with your bookie now before reading their responses! Done? Here’s what they think it smells like:

Coconut and baby powder

It smells like a cherry popsicle


It smells like food. What kind of food? Fruit. I’d say fruit.

Maybe something a little bit honey-ish?

It smells like fresh taffy

It smells like the cough medicine you used to take when you were a kid

In conclusion, if you bet that this was clearly the scent of almond and honey, you were wrong. If you bet it smelt like a random collection of scents that had no relation to one another, you were correct.

Whether this thing smells like the thing it is supposed to smell like on the scale of 1 to 10: 3. Because someone did get honey. And we’re also pretty sure that cough medicine is slightly honey flavored.

Tree Hut Almond and Honey Shea Body Butter