Obviously, Obama incense should smell like hope and promise for the future (alternatively, health care). But it actually smells like other things according to people in the office:

It smells like something I remember. Like a cereal I used to eat. Trix. Trix maybe.

It smells like something really nice, but then you rubbed it in something really gross. Like if you took flowers and put dirt all over them.

It’s like a candy I used to eat.


It smells like something you’d find in a Yankee Candle store.

Definitely a candle.

Cotton candy. Or something bubble-gummy.

Whether This Thing Smells Like The Thing It Is Supposed To Smell Like On A Scale of 1 to 10: It’s actually impossible to judge, given that that resonse is based entirely upon your politics. And, I guess, whether or  not you’re a racist. But five points alone for “Yankee candle”.