Victoria’s Secret sent us some of their “Bombshell” hand cream. What do bombshells smell like? Not charred flesh and the misery of war, according to the office. Without being exposed to the label or maker, they think the cream smells like:

Stale Candy. Like a candy necklace, but a week old. Because sugar can’t go stale.

It makes me think of springtime. Like being in a commercial where I’m lying on the grass. In springtime.

It reminds me of Victoria’s Secret. Boobs! It smells like boobs. No, really, it smells like their perfume sections.

Oh my God, it’s sparkly. I am vampire!

My roommate used to be obsessed with Strawberries and Champagne from Victoria’s secret in college. I can’t stand the smell of that. It wasn’t bad, I was just exposed to it for too long. Our whole apartment would reek of it.This doesn’t smell like that.

Smells like Bath and Body wash. I would put this on myself in the shower.

This is filled with sparkles!

It smells like cotton candy.

Does This Thing Smell Like The Thing It’s Supposed To Smell Like On A Scale Of 1 to 10?: 6. Okay, it made at least 2 people bring up nudity, and 2 people bring up Victoria’s Secret. It seems fair to say that if you like Victoria’s Secret’s perfume section and didn’t have a terrible roommate, you’ll like this.

Bombshell Body Lotion by Victoria’s Secret, $20