Oh, man. Yesterday, the Hairpin picked up this video of a Danish a capella vocal group performing an impeccable medley of (alas, almost) every great dance song from the ’90s. The group, which “[specializes] in nordic vocal soundtradition“–describes the final product as a “tribute to the 90’s dance hits in [their] own a capella way.”

Let’s get down to brass tacks:
-The video features all your ’90s childhood favorites, like “What Is Love” and “Scatman”
-Ace of Base starts at 1:14
-La Bouche starts 3:51

Complaint Box
-Could someone pay them do to a full-length version of “Another Night” by Real McCoy? I mean, that’s a glaring omission as it stands.


If you have a few minutes, some headphones, and a heart, you should really watch this. It leaves no room for unhappiness.