Where I come from, back in the Northeast, we throw the word “fuckin'” around like it’s nothing. It has all kinds of meanings in our lexicon, from adverb to verb to adjective, and it’s often used simply as a way to make an important point: “I was like, fuckin’…!!!!!?!?!” [insert hand gesture demonstrating incomprehensible situation].

I know, thanks to many commenters on this very blog, that not everyone agrees with my gratuitous use of the word, but I don’t fucking care. What I do find interesting, though, is how incredibly regional my cavalier cursing really is.

Kaitlin Nootbar of Prague, Oklahoma was the valedictorian of her high school this year. During her graduation speech, she said, “They’re gonna ask us what we want to be, and we’re gonna say, ‘who the hell knows?'”

I almost want to challenge you to play “find the curse word in that sentence!” but I don’t want to be an asshole. Instead, I will tell you that the curse word is “hell” and that because Nootbar used it, her school is withholding her diploma pending an apology letter from Nootbar.

For her part, Nootbar has refused to give the apology, saying that it infringes on her First Amendment rights, and also delivering this gem in an interview with “The Today Show” (below):

“I don’t want to because I’m not sorry, so writing an apology letter, that’s just gonna be a lie. Which, if they’re saying that my cursing is sinning, that would be another sin so, don’t want to have two sins on my hands.”

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