It’s a motherfucking VENN PIAGRAM. This is what happens when a strawberry pie and a blueberry pie both fall into the hands of a stoner Internet genius and he posts the results on Reddit. Truly a thing of beauty to behold. Especially the part in the middle, which apparently contains both strawberries and blueberries. LOL WUT? That’s a crazy stupid amount of greatness for one baked dessert. Suck it, team cake.

Here are some of the comments it’s received so far:

The tumblr post via which I first discovered it calls it “THE MOST IMPORTANT VISUAL PUN TO HAVE EVER BEEN POSTED ON THE INTERNET.” I don’t know about all of that (the hare dryer kind of takes the prize for me), but it’s certainly up there.

Related: why do we have so many more posts about cake than posts about pie, when in most instances, pie is clearly the superior dessert? I hope to remedy this in the coming months.

(Via Tumblr)