You know how it is. You wake up one morning with welts all over your legs and call everyone you know to tell them you have bedbugs, which you knew you were going to get, you knew it, you knew it, you knew it, because bedbugs are everywhere. And then you call in the bedbug dog, and he doesn’t find any bedbugs, and you have to go to a dermatologist and he tells you that you have hives, probably because you’re worrying about bedbugs so much. Well. That wouldn’t have happened to the same extent (to you) if you’d had this bedbug repelling lotion. Belegenza Timeless Skin Moisturize– retails for $40 and the ingredients are said to repel bedbugs.  Because, as Fashionista states, “Any girl worth her Alaia, Chanel, and Phoebe Philo’s Chloe archive should not be taking chances with bed bug infestations.” Or psychosomatic bedbug hives.