Listen, when it comes time to get married, the last thing that you want is to have your photos look exactly like everyone else’s. After all, we’ve all seen plenty of wedding shoots in which the couple is reclining in a park, running through a field merrily, or standing in front of the water’s edge gazing off into the horizon, no doubt pondering their future together and what it all means and whether they should have perhaps ordered the chocolate on chocolate cake rather than the red velvet.

But that very repetitiveness is the reason why bridal shoots like this one, of a roller derby athlete named Pinky La Pain (we assume that’s her derby moniker) are so badass. In this shoot, La Pain enlisted the help of her derby buddies and was photographed in her wedding dress skating around the rink, pretending to bump into other ladies and also, holding flowers whilst wearing roller skates.

The photos were posted online by Frayed Edge Photography, and are described thusly on their website:

Pinky’s bridal session took place just a couple of hours before Greensboro Roller Derby’s Wheels of Steel bout on Sept. 23rd.  Since she plays for the Battleground Betties, she wanted her bridal portraits to not only express her love for Roller Derby but to include as many of her team and league mates as possible.  We ended up shooting her portraits just a week prior to her wedding date so we could make sure her vision became a reality. Shooting just before the bout allowed her teammates to be geared up and ready to bout right after the session.

The entire set can be viewed here.