Remember a few weeks ago, when Rep. Todd Akin said that if a woman is legitimately raped, her body will shut down so as to prevent being impregnanted?

Well, this may shock you, but it turns out that’s not the first hugely offensive thing that Akin has said about women’s reproductive health. Calling doctors who perform abortions “terrorists,” the woefully misinformed Senator told Congress back in 2008 that these medical practitioners have been “giving abortions to women who are not actually pregnant,” because a “culture of death go all kinds of other law-breaking”:

[youtube_iframe id=”LBDxk521Z_0″]

Now, this begs a few questions. First of all — and I realize this isn’t the most pressing concern, but it does spring to mind — if doctors are giving abortions to women who aren’t pregnant, why does Todd Akin care? It’s not like they’re violating the sanctity of life. They’re just really bad doctors, and that seems to be the least of his concerns.

Second of all, THIS ISN’T HAPPENING. OK, it’s possible that it’s happened once or twice, because it’s always possible that doctors will fuck up. Not excusable, and hugely problematic if it happens (obviously), but it’s not like we’re dealing with some kind of really upsetting trend here. Also, if that did happen, let’s just state for the record that it wouldn’t be an abortion. It would be medical malpractice.

But clearly, the thing that’s most disturbing about this whole situation is that AKIN IS IN A POSITION OF POWER. This is a man who actually has the ability to make important decisions that affect the lives of women, and he literally does not know how female anatomy works.