Not that I have a perfectly put-together home by any means, but there is some semblance of continuity when it comes to the decor items I’ve chosen over the years. Which is swell, but there are some things that you need to purchase when they cross your path, whether they work well alongside your Shabby Chic couch or not.

1. Plasma globes (provide hours of fun, especially three cocktails – or whatevers – in)

2. Lava lamps (see above)

3. Retro clocks and phones (I vote for pastel)

4. Anything at all purchased from a diner (bonus points for items sourced from a Waffle House)

5. Bean bag chairs (unless you own dogs that like to burrow…speaking from experience)

6. Shag carpeting (white, please!)

7. A dartboard (excellent for significant other-distracting…but make sure it’s on a surface that you don’t mind getting a little hole-y)

8. Anything at all life-sized (stuffed animals, mannequins, etc)

9. Those salt-and-pepper shakers made out of Corona bottles (f-u-n, and easy to DIY)

10. A record player or a  jukebox. If you have the means to purchase one of these, do so immediately. Every single person who ever comes to your home will vibrate with excitement.