screen568x568There is a new dating website for those of you who want to base your dating experiences on such novel ideas like mutual interests, intelligence and personal connection, more so than say what someone looks like. I think it all sounds pretty cool but then again there is probably a whole lot of potential for people stammer-typing “Ummm, thanks but no thanks uh-oh I gotta go my dog is boiling water kitchen hairdryer dental appointment something something.” It’s like a blind date, mobile style! The app, called Twine pairs users up on a personality first, looks later basis and based on people’s Facebook profiles. If I were single and used this I would probably get paired with someone who goes to Target a lot and really enjoys cupcakes and vacuum cleaner shopping. After you are paired up, you can spend time getting to know your potential date and then, and only then — dun dun dun – you can decide if you both want to reveal your faces.

According to The Daily Beast, Twine, which was released in August, has received around 120,000 downloads but female users still outnumber male users by 16 to one. I’m not saying this is because dudes are more superficial than the ladies and enjoy seeing what they are shopping for before they offer to take it out to Burger King for a fabulous dinner, but that is exactly what I am saying.  But, according to the app websiteEven ratio of guys to girls, leading to a spam free quality experience. So the article says there are no men, and the app page says there is an equal number. Oh, who can we believe? I think the idea is very sweet, and I am pretty sure that relationships based on compatibility rather than just appearances last longer than people who just wanna date HOT people, but I’m sure looks are still so important to people that they need to see the milk before they buy the cow. Or something.  The app is free, so one of you needs to download it and let us know how it goes. I’m looking at you Julia Sonenshein. 

(Image: Blogspot)