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Mari is back in all her charm and hilarity for another episode of The Gloss’ original web series, Upfront With Mari, where our delightful office manager Mari talks all about life here in our New York offices. This week she’s sharing antics about her various celebrity sightings.

For example, one time she thought she saw Justin Bieber in the office. He was wearing baggy pants, surrounded by security guards, and being chased by a throng of young girls. Logically, one would conclude that it might be the Biebs.

But it turns out it was just some kid named Austin Mahone. Who’s apparently also famous, maybe? I think I’m to old too have heard of him, but he’s got over a million Twitter followers (a tell-tale sign of talent) and is going on tour with Taylor Swift. Neat-o!

Well anyway, watch Mari tell the story here and learn what other famous people she has seen. Then press the pretty, pink “Subscribe” button at the end of the video.

Photos via Wenn and Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com