Upfront With MariMari Correa. It’s pronounced “Mah-ri.” Not “Marie” as some people (like Gloss EIC Jennifer Wright) might think. Not “Marie.” Or Mary. Or any of the other things we’ve heard Mari accidentally called.

Names are tough. Mari is tougher.

Despite the fact that all of our grandparents think that we work on a couch someplace with Star Wars playing perpetually in the background (we dare to dream) we actually work in an office. A pretty big office at that. TheGloss.com is part of Alloy Digital, and that whole endeavor is basically run by one person–named Mari Correa.

Mari is Alloy’s office manager and as our CEO explained, “she runs the place.” Usually when you walk into a new office, the person who greets you will ask your name and instruct you to sit in a chair and sit silently until the person you’re meeting is ready to see you. Walking into Mari’s office is a different experience. She may find out a lot about your personal life. Or give you some fashion tips. Or just tell you a hilarious story. The latter is what happens most.

We at The Gloss are pretty sure she loves us, but even if she doesn’t, it doesn’t matter, because she is super amazing and always has candy at her desk. Please keep the candy on your desk, Mari.

For years, people have been telling Mari she should have her own show, so we at The Gloss are very excited to be the ones to give Mari her very first show. So please enjoy the latest installment in our new slate of YouTube video series: “Upfront with Mari.”

Watch this first episode “Who Is Mari?” to get some background on Mari. Then tune in every Friday to see what knowledge and awesome stories Mari is sharing. (And shameless plug: subscribe to The Gloss YouTube channel to stay up to date on every video we post! )

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