Would you like to give your beloved something meaningful for Valentine’s Day this year? Something that will really stick in their gullet (or to their thighs)? Something that conveys your hard exterior and sweet, creamy center? You could go with boring old jewelry or candy, but why do that when you could give him or her a miniature, chocolate version of yourself?

Or rather, of your face. One restaurant in Tokyo Japan is offering a workshop class that will make a few lucky people’s chocolate mini-me dreams a reality. Utilizing cutting edge 3D scanning technology, participants will take their mugshots, then print out molds (also in 3D!) all for the ultimate goal of creating likenesses “to be nestled as a ‘surprise’ in a box of Valentine’s chocolates.” Surprise!

While some people might find this creepy, I can think of several occasions on which I have loved a man so much that I wanted to eat his face, so it makes perfect sense to me. I can only hope someone feels the same way about you. Even if you don’t live anywhere near Tokyo, perhaps you could mold a makeshift self-portrait in chocolate with your hands? Give the gift of face eating this Valentine’s Day. I guarantee your significant other will enjoy it.

Also, this reminds me of this:

[vimeo video=”29628146″]

Brownie Husband from Lilián López Camberos on Vimeo.

And this (smoke ’em if you got ’em before hitting play):


Hooray for love!

(Via Food Republic)