Since my first interview with Lilit in August when we discussed Clueless and slap bracelets, I knew my time as an intern at The Gloss would be an extraordinary opportunity. Over the past few months I have learned more than I could ask for about the blogging community, fashion, entertainment and all kinds of relationships (romantic, office, friendly and unfriendly). But other than what I’ve learned through reading billions of articles on the web a week and attending events, the most valuable lessons I’ve learned are the ones the editors, Lilit, Jennifer and Ashley, have taught me as I’ve sat here across this giant wooden table from them. So as I move on from The Gloss to the next chapter in my career, here is what I’ve learned from my experiences:

1. To Each Her Own. Just like most everybody in the world, all three editors have distinct styles, tastes and opinions and are each entitled to those things just as equally as the other.

2. Majority Rules. We live in a democracy and the rules of democracy apply even to the offices of The Gloss, specifically when it comes to unofficially deciding if a red velvet cupcake is one of the best tasting cupcakes out there. (Note: Lilit is the only one who doesn’t like red velvet cupcakes.)

3. Diet Coke Should Be On the Food Pyramid. I’m pretty sure Jennifer’s bloodstream has more Diet Coke than water in it.

4. Internet Commenters Can Either Make or Break Your Day. I had never been a part of a professional blog before The Gloss and so I wasn’t exactly prepared for Internet commenters. I have been called a bitch, the “stupidest” person someone’s “ever met” (even though they’ve never actually met me), and I was once told I need to “re-evaluate [my] life.” But it’s the commenters who have insightful things to say about what I write rather than criticize me as a person that really make blogging worthwhile. NolaLola, I will miss you dearly.

5. Free Things are Awesome. I already knew this, but it wasn’t until I attended all sorts of fashion and beauty events that I was able to really appreciate this. All these events have excellent spreads that will save you dinner money and offer you champagne as soon as you walk in the door. As soon as you walk out, you get a great bag of swag filled with beauty products, cookies, bandaids or a clutch that’s probably worth around $300. Also, advertisers send free things to bloggers so they can test them out and review them. And when that free thing is alcohol, it’s even better.

6. Your Mom Will Always Be Your No. 1 Fan. It’s my last day to write about my mom. So here’s to you, Mom. Everyone here thinks you’re cool because you know what Wi-Fi is. Thanks for being my faithful commenter, Facebook link sharer and Twitter re-tweeter. And thanks for being the inspiration for most of my posts.

7. Don’t Ever Forget to Bring Your Sunglasses to Work. You may have a seat right next to the window that doesn’t have a curtain (and management won’t let you put one up) and when the sun goes down, it shines right in your eyes and glares your computer screen. Lilit taught me that wearing sunglasses helps reduce the glare.

8. If You’re an Intern, You’re Automatically the Same Age as a Baby. Therefore, Ashley spells inappropriate words instead of saying them thinking you can’t understand what she’s saying. This is more of a warning to the next intern in case he/she doesn’t understand why Ashley is asking the air “Wait, is that a c-l … or a c-u … ?”

9. Lifetime Will Forever Be My Go-To Movie Channel.

10. It’s Okay to Hate Things. I often thought maybe I should post a list of things I love because The Gloss has so many “I Hate You”/”I Hate This”/”This Sucks”/”This is the Worst” articles. But real women are angry. Real women hate the way people do things or say things sometimes. And that’s okay because at the end of the day, if you love your job and are living the life you want to live, you’re happy. And that’s why it’s okay we hate so many little things.

Other less valuable things I’ve learned:

11. Karl Lagerfeld is an ageless robot.

12. The Gloss readers love sharing gross stuff about themselves.

13. Questions make the most intriguing headlines. As does anything sexual.

14. Reality television, Mad Men, Gossip Girl and Star Trek make the best television.

15. I now know who Terry Richardson is, and he isn’t so great.

16. If you talk on the phone while you are on the toilet and you work in our building, we know who you are.

17. Weird dessert combinations make the best foods.

18. The Notebook is the worst movie ever made and there is no convincing Jennifer otherwise.

19. See that picture up there at the top of this article? That’s what The Gloss editors look like on the weekends. And by 5 p.m. some weekdays.

20. The Internet is the best invention ever and will forever be the greatest source for entertainment.