Candice Swanepoel with the Victoria’s Secret Royal Fantasy Bra.

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is happening this Wednesday, and it’s basically Christmas for people who like beautiful women and/or insane costumes.

Most runway shows don’t actually show us the clothes we’ll find in stores next season, but Victoria’s Secret takes the “concept show” idea and goes completely crazy with it, sending out witches and angels and robots wearing kiddie pools as angel wings. Some of the costumes look, well, completely fucking ridiculous, but Candice Swanepoel says making that crazy shit look good is basically her whole job.

“Just before, I’m kind of praying that everything goes well and I don’t fall,” said Candice Swanepoel, who is the star of this year’s show, which means she gets to wear the Victoria’s Secret Royal Fantasy Bra. Every year Victoria’s Secret makes a bra out of precious gems. This one is one of the prettiest, with rubies, blue and yellow sapphires, diamonds, and a gigantic 52-carat ruby dangling at the middle. It’s valued at $10 million.

Swanepoel probably own’t have to work too hard to make that bra look good, but some of her other outfits really make her earn her paycheck.

“Some of the wings are not comfortable at all,” Swanepoel said. “One year, I was almost going to wear two harps as wings.”

The harp wings had to be cut because they were too heavy. If Swanepoel had fallen down, someone would have had to come out to pick her up because she couldn’t get up on her own in them.

Despite how impossible most of these costumes are to wear, the models make it look easy. They’re pros, after all.

“That’s part of being a model—we wear stuff we don’t like, stuff that’s uncomfortable,” she said. “But it’s our job to make it work.”

Via: The Huffington Post/Photo: Getty