Congratulations on surviving the hurricane, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying all the vegetable lo mein, wasabi peas, and Andre (original flavor) you stocked up on in preparation for this historic natural disaster. Now that we know hurricane tropical storm Irene has passed over us without major casualties, I think it’s safe to kick back and engage in a little trannytastic fun while we wait until it’s okay to come out of our houses.

Here is a video of Amanda Lepore–taken from Elvira’s Halloween special–delivering a most prescient weather forecast. If Ms. Lepore ever judges herself to be too old to perform songs about her “fierce pussy” while wearing only whipped cream, God forbid, I’m sure there will be a place for her at the National Weather Service. Who would dare disobey that glittering smile and kittenish purr of hers? Nobody with eyes or ears, that’s for sure.