[funnyordie video=”aa5215bb5e”]

If Toddlers and Tiaras grinds your gears as much as it does ours, you’ll probably appreciate this Funny Or Die parody starring Ashley Tisdale as a now 25-year-old pageant queen, and Leah Remini as her horrid stage mother.

The sketch picks up a good 22 years after Toddlers and Tiaras left off to find beauty queen Makenzie largely unchanged since her days as a four-year-old tutu twirler. She still throws tantrums, bangs on walls, and needs her “nini,” only this time she’s 25 and it’s even more disturbing than before. But she’s going to be mommy’s little girl forever, so it’s okay!

Besides the two actresses’ amusingly overblown acting (which seems less overblown when compared to the actual people on the show), the clip is spot-on about the stripper names pageant moms give their little girls (“Destiney,” “Sierra”) and the way they push their kids to do things that four-year-olds have no interest in doing. However, I can’t help but wonder if Leah Remini’s experiences in the Church of Scientology helped her perfect that creepy, dead-eyed smile. It’s almost a little too real.