So it’s hump day, and you are probably tired. Why not watch a video of someone who is not tired? That someone being an adorable baby goat named with the strength and agility to vault over his friends like Olympic hurdler Michelle Jenneke over so many hurdles. An adorable baby goat named Buttermilk. Buttermilk is more excited about some unknown amazingness than you will ever be about anything in your life.

Did I just take this to a depressing place? Maybe. Personally, I admire Buttermilk’s verve and hope to incorporate some of his springy mojo into my own sedentary lifestyle, but I can see how watching this video would just make someone sad they can’t even match the joie de vivre of a sub-human lifeform. Think about it this way: this little dude is stoked on life, and all he gets to do is run around a field jumping over stuff and eating cans and whatnot. You are a grown human and can pretty much do whatever you want, including but by no means limited to running around in a field, so you should be super stoked. That’s right, super stoked. Now go out and face the day.

(Via Buzzfeed)