Have you felt like a total slacker yet today? Here, watch this video of an 86-year-old woman absolutely killing it on a gymnastics floor routine.

Elderly gymnast Johanna Quaas is in better shape at the age of almost-90 than most people ever are during their child-bearing years. Look at the way she flips around! I’m especially jealous of her facility with cartwheels, as my inability to master those cut short my Olympic dreams at the tender age of eight. (Not bitter at all.)

The video was taken in Cottbus, Germany, which makes sense, as German people all seem to be into healthy shit like this. When I’m 86, I think I’ll be pretty happy if I can get up the stairs without using one of those motorized chair things. Being able to see, hear, and feed myself will be a bonus.

She also does the parallel bars:


Damn, girl.

(Via Jezebel)