Did you know that yesterday was the first day of fall? Sorry for dropping the ball on that one, but you can hardly blame me, considering how unseasonably gross and muggy it’s been here in NYC. Everyone knows fall is the best season for fashion because you can make complex, layered outfits instead of just throwing on a sundress and sandals, which is exactly why I dislike it, but I realize I’m in the minority. (I like to wear as little clothing as possible, you see, because I’m a brazen harlot.) It’s also a good season for apple picking, foliage viewing, and sliding inexorably towards the darkness of winter.

Anyway, happy fall! Here is a video of some bears at the Bronx Zoo playing with pumpkins. Jeeze Louise, look at them go. I don’t know if there’s another animal out there that’s simultaneously so cute and so scary. Play on, bears. I’m sad I can’t have you as pets, but I understand why.