Borat flagMaria Dmitrienko just won the gold medal at the Arab Shooting Championship in Kuwait. Congratulations Maria!

Why is this big news? Maria is from Kazakhstan. And during her moment of triumph, the event organizers mistakenly played Borat’s version of the Kazakhstani anthem, instead of the country’s actual song.

We should really try not to laugh about this. Because if that were me, receiving a medal for doing an awesome job shooting things, and the anthem played to honor me talked about clean prostitutes, I would be pretty furious. In fact, I would be extremely, intensely furious. And for good reason.

And yet, there’s this feeling of pop culture melding with reality that simply cannot be ignored. I mean, it’s just hard not to laugh a little about this, right? Under our breath? When no one else is around to hear us snicker?

We’re sorry Maria. You deserved better.

Score one for Sasha Baron Cohen.

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