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An all-girl punk band called Pussy Riot was recently arrested in Moscow after staging a guerrilla performance of an original protest song next to Saint Basil’s Cathedral (a.k.a. in Red Square). You can watch a video of their performance above.

First, can we take a moment to appreciate the splendid perfection of the name “Pussy Riot”? As anyone who’s ever played music will tell you, good band names are hard to come by, and “Pussy Riot” might be the best name for a feminist punk band I’ve ever heard.

Second, you’ve got to admire their fashion sense. I’ve always said that nothing compliments a brightly colored mini dress like contrasting tights, a revolutionary flag and a balaclava.

Of course, their music is pretty great, too. I’ve always had a soft spot for tough female vocalists, and I feel like I’m absorbing their political consciousness through osmosis, even though I don’t speak Russian. They wrote the song to protest the policies of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and considering all the shady things he’s done, they’ve got a right to be angry.

Four of the women were charged with “non-criminal public order offences and disobeying police,” which carries a maximum punishment of 15 days in jail. Considering what’s happened to Russian dissidents in the past, I hope nobody tries to disappear them when they get out.

Note to everyone who thinks they’re being brave by leaving the house with slightly less makeup on than usual: this is what actual bravery looks like.

(Via The Telegraph)