Did you know that if an animal massages another animal of the same sex, that animal is probably gay? It’s true! That’s why I only let boy cats sleep in my bed.

Just kidding, that’s obviously ridiculous. But not to the person who posted this video on Youtube with the succinct title “My cat might be gay.” Some Youtube commenters have taken issue with this, saying that a cat can massage whomever he likes without necessarily being a homosexual (not that there’s anything wrong with that), while others countered that just look at him, oh my God, he is gay gay gay. Then we have this (hopefully) satirical gem:

Because the cat is clearly a faggot, get over it with your political correct bullshit. If you let a cat of the same sex massage you then you’re a sodomite fag dog who takes it up the tail pipe.

Indeed. But through all the debating and politics, let us not lose sight of the most important fact about this video: it is fucking adorable.

(Via Buzzfeed)