Monaco’s Prince Albert II and his niece Charlotte Casiraghi were interviewed by Stade2 after the recent International Jumping Competition in Monte Carlo. The link was sent to us by Merry Royals reader Rodrigo (thanks!). The interview is in French, but there’s a translation below.


We’ve only seen photos of Charlotte, so it’s great to hear her voice! She’s very charming and poised, though this is apparently her first interview.

Translation provided by YouTube’s MissBarton1986:

About Charlotte’s interest in riding:

I started to ride when I was very young, and it is a sport I have practised for a very long time, and it was a great pleasure for me to participate in the jumping of Monaco. event was held in the Fondelle tent; they now wished to have it in the harbour and it was a challenge.

About her participation:

It was very difficult for me because I haven’t been able to train in the last 3 weeks, so I had to leave my horse in the hands of my trainer, so it is fairly difficult to resume competition without any prior recent training. Fortunately, my horse has extraordinary concentrating powers, (or attitude, or smarts) and he was able to carry me (or support) in that slightly difficult moment, given my injury.

About her ambitions as a professional:

For the time being, I am trying to achieve good results in the amateur competitions. Well see how the season develops, but why not?

About her being an ambassador for the sport:

It is with great pleasure that I support the equestrian sport. I really hope that in the years to come, thanks to the Global Champions Tour which is a championship event organized around the world, my participation will help and that this sport will become more popular. I will be participating in Portugal in 10 days, and in Brazil at the end of the month. I hope that my hand will hold up !

About other sports:

Yes, I practise other sports a little, I like swimming, I like jogging, but it is mostly riding I love.

About participation in Monaco events:

Yes, yes, Le Grand Prix, yes, every year.