What scares Chloe Sevigny? Oh, lots of things. Tom Cruise and wedges, for starters.

I realize this video is not new in the slightest, but I think it’s hilarious and topical, and if there’s anyone reading this who has not yet been turned onto the joys of comic Drew Droege‘s amazing Chloe Sevigny impersonation, this post will have been worth writing. I mean, how can something be so outlandish and yet so spot-on? It’s pure gold. Just try not to fall down an Internet rabbit hole after watching this, because there are like, a hundred more of them. Unless you want to, that is. It sucks major snowballs outside right now, at least from where I’m sitting, so maybe this is just what you need to wile away the crappy afternoon hours while you wait for all the Halloween parties to start. Happy Halloweekend!