Following the official end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, a lot of soldiers came out to their co-workers, friends, family, etc. This being the age of the Internet, one guy decided to do it on camera, making what I can imagine is already a difficult action a little more difficult.

There are lots of awkward pauses, and it seems like his mom isn’t too happy. She even quotes the bible at him about how you’re not supposed to lie with man as with with woman. She asks what she did wrong, and she asks him how he knows. (“How did you know you liked men?” he responds.) She also says she doesn’t understand the concept. “It’s not even a concept, it’s who I am,” he replies.

“I’m worried about your spiritual life” might be the most awful thing she says to him, as if being gay has the power to invalidate someone’s belief in God. (Maybe her God is more bigoted than other Gods?) In the end, though, she reaffirms her love for him, even if she’s having trouble wrapping her mind around the concept that her son could be gay, and still be a good person.

And if that didn’t make you cry enough, he also made a video of himself coming out to his dad. What a brave guy.