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Are you tired of all those pesky “choices” democrats are always forcing you to make about your vagina? Do you wish someone else would take the wheel for once? Do you even want to know what’s going on in that scary hole in the bottom of your torso?

An ad just released by Funny Or Die makes a pretty good case for voting republican with its ringing endorsement of vaginal involvement on the part of the government. Republicans want to help women, you see, by making all those overwhelming choices for them. Because banks are hallowed institutions that should be left alone, but lady parts are terrifying institutions that must be heavily governed.

Just kidding, it’s a satire aimed at showing just how ridiculous the republicans’ War On Women is. And Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer, and Andrea Savage play their parts with deadpan excellence! I especially love the part where Judy Greer has a mini freak out thinking about how disgusting her vagina is. She’ll always be Kitty to me, but people should cast her in as many things as possible.

Is voting for democrats the solution to this problem? That’s a topic for another (long) post, but I’m leaning towards “not really.” Then again, it’s easy to do in the short term and probably couldn’t hurt. So feel free to remember to do that.

(Via Funny Or Die)