When I first saw this negative campaign ad about California Congressional candidate Janice Hahn, I was all like “LOL WUT? There is no way this thing can be real. Someone must have concocted this as an absurd parody of the ways Republicans try to tap into voters’ un-spoken racial and sexual fears. There is no way they’d put a female candidate’s face on a stripper and give her evil red eyes and hire some black guys to shout ‘give us your cash, bitch!’ in a cartoonish caricature of ‘thugs.'”

Well, guess what? It’s real. Here it is on filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger Jr.’s Youtube page. Beyond the obvious racist and misogynistic overtones, it doesn’t make all that much sense. If the thugs are still in jail and in need of her help, as they appear to be, why would they speak to her so disrespectfully? Gang members might be scary, but they’re certainly not stupid! And are we supposed to be frightened of all that booty? Ugh, my head hurts from trying to parse this man’s logic. Watch it and form your own theories.

(Via Jezebel)