It’s all about royal weddings and engagements these days, it seems!

This weekend, speculations have erupted once again about a (secret) engagement between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Only, it’s simply called “an understanding” for now.

The catalyst for the renewed interest in the future of the couple’s relationship is this report by Robert Jobson for News of the World. Jobson presents a reasoned presentation of the why’s, when’s and wherefore’s of Prince William and Kate’s pending marriage. It appears that there is much going on, much planning and strategizing, behind the scenes.

Most of the rumors in the past have simply been proved to be that. However, this round seems to be serious enough that the Today show even has a short segment on it.



So, what do you think? Is the speculation right this time around? Or is the spotlight on Prince William and Kate simply a reaction to all the recent talk of royal weddings, in particular:

It will be interesting (and possibly exciting!) to see how this turns out.