English actor Roddy McDowall had a lot of fabulous friends. He invited said friends to a lot of ridiculously cool parties, wherein they proceeded to have a lot of sexy fun in the sun. Now, a Youtube user called soapbxprod has uploaded a bunch of home videos from those parties which he (she?) says were given to him (her?) personally by the late McDowall himself. Unfortunately, there’s no sound, but it’s kind of fun to imagine what the people in the videos are saying. For instance, I bet Natalie Wood was like, “I am so fucking stoned, who wants to play some chicken, you little bitch-asses?” before throwing off her cover-up and running into the ocean. And then later, Paul Newman is like, “hey kids, stop bogarting the macaroni salad.” Basically, I like to imagine they were all constantly high on jazz cigarettes and fame.

And can we talk about how magically delicious all the scantily clad actor-men look? I mean, I love Ryan Gosling just as much as the next Brooklyn-dwelling womanchild, but they don’t make them like they used to, do they?

Here are some more:



You weren’t planning on getting anything done this evening, were you?

(Via Vulture)