The latest in a long-ish line of socially conscious (or not) “Shit ___ Say To ___” videos, “Shit Straight Guys Say To Gay Guys” is equal parts funny and groan-inducing. Funny because it’s true, and also groan-inducing because it’s true. Gems include “Ryan Gosling is hot, like, I’m straight but I’m not blind,” “do you know where I could score some coke?” (gays do have the best party drugs) and endless questions about anal sex.

In an effort to add some journalistic value to this post, I asked my gay friend John if straight guys actually say these things to him, and he responded in the affirmative. “The anal sex questions, all the time, when they get drunk,” he said. “And they will ask you ‘really? You wouldn’t fuck her?'” Oh dear. He continued:

“I have been asked for drugs, and then made to feel like I should know. They also ask me for fashion advice a lot, which is awkward because their clothes are usually terrible. Also when straight guys get drunk theyll spank you sometimes, and be like COME ON YOU LIKE IT! And you have to look at them like, ‘what the fuck dude? This ain’t a frat.”

So there you have it. “Shit Straight Guys Say To Gay Guys” is spot-on social satire. I’m still waiting on the inevitably un-P.C. “Shit Gay Guys Say To Straight Guys.”