It’s a well known fact among people who know me that I despise yoga. The mere mention of this seemingly low impact activity that’s loved by the majority of my friends can send me tumbling to the floor with violent, PTSD style flashbacks. My body just straight up rejects that shit. Why, I’m not sure, but it’s comforting to know that Jennifer shares my disapproval of the activity.

Anyway, this “doing yoga with my cat” video has been making the Internet rounds today and despite its loathsome theme, I find it absolutely mesmerizing. So mesmerizing, in fact, that I just watched it like five times in a row and totally forgot that I was supposed to be writing posts and not watching a yoga/cat video over and over. How is the cat not clawing her butt up to keep from falling off? How is she not vomiting into a bag like I want to do ten seconds into yoga? How is her hair so shiny? Is it because she’s Russian? So many questions.

The best part, as always, is those blessed Youtube comments, which range from “lose the cat and i’d say she’ll have a pretty successful dating life” to “I’m in the weird part of Youtube again.” And then, there’s the guy who seems a little preoccupied with her cat:

Fabulous Yoga (you move really smoothly), and a GORGEOUS Cat making a very watchable video- ignore all the jerks on here!