It’s not shaping up to be a very good week for babies, is it? First, a woman tried to sell hers at Taco Bell, which was upsetting. And now, a Youtube video has surfaced that shows two women getting into an all-out hair pulling fight on the L train while one woman’s stroller (with her baby still in it) rolls right out of the train car and onto the platform.

A good Samaritan kept the baby from getting lost, which could be a mixed blessing for him/her. Perhaps the child would’ve been better off getting lost, found, and adopted out to someone not prone to violent outbursts? Anyway, this is why you don’t steal subway seats from people who seem like they want them a little too badly. Next thing you know, you’re standing there with your own weave in your hands, pepper spray dripping from your itchy, angry eyes, waiting to file a police report. At least she got to keep the seat?

(Via Runnin Scared)