Most of the time, I think I probably don’t want to have kids. Then I see an awesome little kid do something like this, and I think maybe someday.

Juliet is an 8-year-old girl from Australia who loves her dog Robert and her pet fish, even they don’t always smell so great. She also loves doing that dance where you punch the air and/or the people around you, being adorable, and hardcore punk. She even gets the half-time breakdown right.

The video was filmed by Juliet’s mom Tina C., who is probably getting a lot of hits on her photography blog right about now; the song was written by Rob Sharpe, who, from the looks of the mom’s blog, is her dad. Congrats to young Juliet on having the coolest parents ever. Good luck finding a way to rebel against them when you turn 13.

(Via Gawker)