Greetings, bloodmouths. Are you enjoying your Thanksgiving turkey? I hope you savor it to the fullest, for someday, the shoe may be on the other foot. This video is not new, but it is hilarious.

Via Youtube:

After hearing neighbors’ stories of wild turkeys chasing down joggers and other residents in an Arden area neighborhood, News10 producer Duffy Kelly went out for a first-hand look.

Duffy said she “didn’t want to take the ‘Terrible Tom’ stories at face value,” so on Thursday she went to the neighborhood and tried to walk past one of the birds.

The rest is history. I don’t know about you, but I simply cannot get enough of this video. The way she gets irrationally scared of the thing, the way she considers throwing her camera at it, and the way it lurks outside her window waiting, watching….yes. As a vegan, it gives me a delightful kind of schadenfreude to watch a turkey menace a human, for once. As simply a lover of broad physical comedy, there’s also much to enjoy. Be careful out there, folks. You never know when Terrible Tom may strike.