Last week, you were introduced to a new word: Izfro. To refresh your memory, an Izfro is a fro residing on the head of an Israelite. You may recall my promise to submit this new term to the Urban Dictionary and, true to my word, I did.

A few hours after my submission, I received an email from the “editors” at Urban Dictionary:

Thanks for your definition of Izfro!

Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it.

To get a better idea of what editors publish and reject, sign up as an Urban Dictionary Editor here:

Urban Dictionary

This email really irks me. Here’s why:

  1. Why are you thanking me for submitting a definition that you did not publish? You’re clearly unthankful for it, otherwise you would have published it.
  2. Why did you “decide not to publish it?” A little constructive criticism never hurt anybody.
  3. Why are you inviting me to be one of your editors? You hate my submission, yet you beg me to join your team. What kind of logic is that?
  4. You are not an editor. The fact that anyone in the world can sign up to be an editor at Urban Dictionary makes your position a pretend one.
  5. Why are you able to approve definitions such as “Numpty” and “Juggalo?” I’m pretty sure someone made up those words too.

I strongly encourage everyone to become an editor at Urban Dictionary right this instant. Would you approve my “Izfro” submission?