i edited a picture of pot to make it pink

You’ve had the same heated conversation with your drunk uncles every Thanksgiving for the last four years. At this point, you’ve heard every argument both for and against the legalization of marijuana in the US. Well, here’s a new opinion to throw into the mix: maybe weed is a feminist issue!

Sherrie Silman over at Feminspire believes it is. She argues that, by keeping marijuana illegal despite its medicinal benefits, the government is adding to its laundry list of ways in which women’s bodies are under control. Silman writes,

No one has the right to tell you what you can and cannot do with your own body, so long as your body is not interfering with the rights or freedoms of others. On the basis of this logic, the illegality of cannabis is an infringement upon human rights.

Hmm, okay. But how exactly does that pertain to women in particular? Silman argues that marijuana is a valuable cure for menstrual symptoms and that it’s being withheld for no logical reason. She cites research that concludes that marijuana doesn’t produce the long-term negative effects of some other pain-relievers like Aspirin or ibuprofen, and concludes: “The denial of access to safe, effective treatment that lacks death as a side-effect for menstrual symptoms and conditions is absolutely a feminist issue.” Damn.


Silman goes on to add,

Women have too long suffered illogical, useless dictations concerning what they can put into and what they can do with their bodies. The time for dictation is over.

So what do you say, fellow feminists? Are you on board with Silman’s message, or do you think this is one instance where gender isn’t a huge part of the issue? More importantly, should we start adding pink cartoon pot leaves to all our picket signs?

As Pat Robertson famously said at the 2002 GOP convention, feminism encourages women to “leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” You’re obviously not wrong, Pat, but you forgot that we also loooove drugs.

Via Feminspire / Photos: Shutterstock, wifflegif