Here’s another cool product from Quirky, though I’m a bit torn whether I want to buy one or not. It’s a bit pricey, in my opinion! But before anything else, this new Quirky product is called Weigh-To-Go.

Weigh To Go is a multi-functional travel accessory whose compact form packs a digital scale and identification tag. – Quirky

When my fiance went to Taiwan a couple of weeks ago, he had to pay the overweight baggage fees. (That’s what you get for packing 5 pairs of jeans for a 1 week stay!)

I was just thinking that, if he only had a gadget like this, he wouldn’t have spent so much on something so unnecessary. The best thing about Weight-To-Go is that it’s already built-in as your identification tag for your luggage so you don’t need to buy a separate luggage scale. You won’t have to spend time looking for it when you actually need it since it’s already attached to your suitcase. And definitely, no excuse for you to have overweight baggage, ever!

Where to buy: Pre-order at Quirky
Price: $33

[ Image courtesy of Quirky ]

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