Remember when an NYU grad named Hermon Raju made an ass of herself on a MetroNorth train, and the whole Internet joined together in joyful mockery of her? Well, Internet, you probably haven’t thought about her much since then, as your attention span is just shorter than that of an especially distractable goldfish, but she has definitely been thinking about you. How unfair you were to her, how uneducated you are, and how badly she wants to slap the grin right off your dumb, leering, public school attending face.

We know this because after a whole month of silence, Raju has finally granted an interview written a letter to a PR firm that got leaked to The New York Daily News. Did she take this opportunity to express regret over verbally attacking the MTA conductor in the snottiest way possible? Why, no. Instead, she talked about how victimized she feels by the whole incident. “I can honestly say I feel raped by the Internet,” she writes, which is pretty insulting to, you know, people who’ve actually been raped. And it gets better: she says she feels like she’s been “robbed of everything, even my identity.” If deleting your social media profiles robs you of your whole identity, I think you’ve got bigger problems than a viral Youtube video.

In the end, the best thing this chick could do would be to apologize and move on with her life. It’s not like she’s some celebrity and people are going to recognize her everywhere she goes. But if she insists on bashing her head against the proverbial wall, perhaps she should start a blog or try out for a reality show? As the existence of various “hate sites” would attest, there’s nothing the Internet likes more than watching a delusional self-made villainess dig her own hole ever deeper.

Watch the video again to re-live the magic.