I’ve been known in the past to wonder aloud about whether or not people are sexting. I’m 32, so the advent of the “sext” was sort of possibly a little bit among a younger generation than mine, but I like to think I can still take a good booty shot should the situation call for it.

But apparently, in ten years, I will have outlived my usefulness in terms of salacious telephone photos. Over at Buzzfeed, Williams answers a question from a reader who’s 43 and dating a 29-year-old, wondering if she needs to sext him. Williams replies (in part):

No sexting! None at all. I’m 48 years old, so I consider you my peer. It is my belief that young guys want to date us older ladies because they want something different. If a 29 year-old wants to sext, he’d be with some other 29 year-old — he’s with you for other reasons. And I don’t mean boring reasons, we are not boring, let me tell you. We are juicy, we are delicious, we are fun in our forties! Boys know it. And boys like it.

So I would not leave a paper trail — or a sext message trail. Listen, in our forties we are way too smart and we have way too much to lose to be playing reindeer games with some child. You don’t need to sext to prove anything to this boy, he’s not with you for that. He’s with you because you’re smart and you’re secure. Too secure to be questioning yourself over this sort of thing, really.

There you have it, although I’m not sure I agree. Want to sext? Fucking sext. Just remember NEVER PUT YOUR FACE IN IT.

Photo: Skreened.com