It’s recently been proved that cupcakes are just like heroin, according to actual science. Personally, I don’t see a situation in the near future where, say, your grandmother OD’s on cupcakes and you have to lie and tell the world it was cancer, but hey, I guess that makes all our eating habits really hardcore. Except, aren’t cupcakes feeling just the tiniest bit tired? I pretty much can’t walk a block without being confronted with a cupcake shop. Which I don’t mind, but maybe it’s time for a new sugar packed delicious bakery food to fill the heroin place in our hearts. Check out some convincing cases for foods to replace the cupcake below:


STFU Foodies – “Guess what they’re selling at all the hot bakeries these days? Zeitgeist. And zeitgeist tastes like those little hamburger-looking cookies called macarons”.

Salon – “If confectioners can figure out how to do them right on a big scale, it’s only a matter of time before America is completely invaded by their rainbow of sweet and crunchy deliciousness.”

Wall Street Journal – “Like the cupcake before it, the macaron, a French confection that resembles a pastel-colored sandwich cookie, is ready for its close-up.”


LA Times – Obama is all about pie. “The famously self-disciplined president who seemingly can’t miss a morning workout has a secret craving: pie.”

Hyperbole and a Half (but really, read the entire blog, because it’s hilarious) – “Most likely it will either solve all the problems in the world or end humanity in a hyperglycemic blaze of glory. ”

Jezebel – In the battle between Cake and pie, we are Team Pie, Team Pie, Team Pie. “A vote for apple pie is a vote for life and all its complexities. When you vote for apple pie, you vote for yourself. You assert yourself as a sexual being without judgment. You vote for America and the peoples and cultures that created it.”


Miami New Time – “Cutesy cupcakes are as outdated as truffle oil. All over the country, these ubiquitous mini-cakes are being supplanted in popularity by the donut”

Jaunted – “Judging by the fervor we’ve seen around the virtual food world lately, we’re ready to say the cupcake craze is over and donut madness has begun. It makes sense really, given the economy, that foodies would abandon the trendy, overpriced, over-fancified cupcake for the original fried dough comfort food.”

Watch Mojo – Last year cupcakes were the cutest of desserts, but donuts are the new “it” pastry for 2010. Goodbye jelly-filled and glazed and hello sweet potato lavender and maple bacon.

Actual Black Tar Heroin:

So Good Blog “Black tar heroin vs. a cupcake….hmmm, I think that pretty much sums it up.”