Here at The Gloss, we are very proud of our columnist Brandy Alexander. Now, it may surprise you to know that Brandy Alexander is not her real name. Up until now, I thought she used it because she liked Brandy Alexanders and needed a pseudonym because she has a real job. But after having read this  article about people using Noms de Booze I realize she was probably just swept up in a part of cocktail culture that I was not cool enough to know about.

According to Edible Brooklyn:

Hunny [Vermouth] is not the only one who’s taken a nom de booze. A woman originally from Ethiopia introduces herself as Bellini; she’s brought last month’s bottle back for a refill (it made the rounds at a few dinner parties). A New Zealand transplant going by Hell’s Bells starts a game of Exquisite Corpse with an artist called Dark & Stormy who runs her own supper club. Dirty Goldschlager, a DJ and birding tour guide, suggests they all swap cocktail recipes next month.

I’m not entirely sure why they’re doing this, because I got distracted by the part where they all took a nom de booze, but it sounds like a great plan for any occassion. However, it does make me question how one goes about choosing a nom de booze. Should you base it upon the liquor you most frequently drink? And if so, wouldn’t we have an awful lot of “Miller Lights” running around?

Surely not. Better I think, to pick the cocktail you most long to drink. Personally, I’m torn between Bubblegum Martini and Dreamy Winter. I’m leaning towards Bubblegum Martini though, mostly because no one knows what the Dreamy Winter is. What would you choose for your nom de booze?