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1. She takes men. They have no choice in the matter.
2. She does not need them; she takes them “just because [she] can. We can therefore infer she already has at least one man of her own, possibly more.
3. She is not moved by begging. There is no mercy in her.
4. She has red (“flaming”) hair, green eyes, and smells like spring, much like Poison Ivy in the Batman comics.
5. Heraclitus believed fire to be the most fundamental of the classical elements: “All things are an interchange for fire, and fire for all things, just like goods for gold and gold for goods.”
6. She has the power to alter dreams (“he talks about you in his sleep”); quite possibly a succubus.
7. Lilith, according to midrashic literature, is a female night-demon who seduces men and murders children. She was believed to be responsible for wet dreams.
8. In one version of the story, God created Lilith and Adam as an equal pair; when Adam insisted Lilith get underneath him when they coupled, she left him and Eden forever. Eve was created as a replacement for him.
9. Lilith is often depicted with red hair.
10. We can assume the narrator of the song is mortal because he or she can do “nothing” but cry when his or her man calls out Jolene’s name.

Jolene is not human.