Marty McFlyListen, this sounds like a really fun writing exercise. I bet thousands of bloggers everywhere are taking this new business venture “FutureMe” as a prompt and crafting eloquent letters about their goals and dreams.

In case you haven’t heard yet, FutureMe is a revolutionary new website that allows you to write an email now that will be delivered sometime down the line. Years from now, you could get a letter from your younger self saying, “I hope you stopped dating that asshole and finally got around to writing that book you were talking about for hours on end.”

Now first of all, it would be a lot cooler if it could happen in reverse. I think a service that would allow future me to write current me and say, “Such-and-such is an asshole and that novel you dreamed of writing failed miserably so don’t waste your time,” would be much more useful. But that would require a lot more than basically a long-term queue system.

By the way, did you know that technically I could write this post now and then actually publish it for us all five years from now. I wonder what deep life lessons we would learn from it if I only waited a couple years to share it.

There’s an even more low-tech way to give messages to your future self. You could just try to remember things. How am I going to know ten years from now that my daughter was planning on being a doctor when she grows up? Well, I’m going to remember all the times she banged my knee with that stupid triangle thing and shoved a Popsicle stick down my throat.

The site says that lots of people are using the service to send pre-congratulations to themselves, for example, while they’re struggling throgh school. I guess I understand that it might be nice to write about a time when you’ve accomplished your goal. But to me, having those thoughts emailed to you a couple years from now is either going to be gloating or depressing. If you managed to accomplish your goal, why do you need to know that you-minus-three-years was so confident? If you didn’t, well now you’re just faced with the fact that you failed. I’m sure you already picked up on that.

So, to be like every other blogger out there, what would I tell my future self? Here’s my letter. Instead of emailing it, I’ll just immortalize it on the pages of the The Gloss.

Dear Future-Lindsay.

Five years ago on this day, you were laying in bed writing a post about an odd new company called FutureMe. By the time you read this, I hope there’s an even better company that can enable you to write back to your past-self. You can tell me how the Kardashians flamed out in spectacular fashion. You can let me know if I should really invest in this whole high-waisted trend or if I can just hang on until the next wave comes. And you can tell me if this stupid idea for a novel I have will ever go anywhere.

Oh and just in case you’ve forgotten, your daughter is really cute and she’s promised to love you forever and ever. And your husband is the love of your life. Hope that’s been working out well. Well, see you later.


(Photo: VW Vortex)