Hunker down, east coast! Looks like this storm is going to be epic — or at least that’s what the weather guy told me an hour ago. So what does one do to prepare for an “epic” storm? It’s not as though weather reaches epic all the time.

Well, food, water, batteries and candles are a must. No one wants to be stuck in the dark without even a glimmer of light or without snacks to keep you going strong. Reinforcing windows with tape or whatever your local hardware store suggests, is always a good idea, too. I hear generators are important if you have a house and filling the bathtub with water seems to be a move that home-owners also seem to do. Maybe so they can take a cold water bath at some point?

While I’ve yet to do my shopping for the storm and my downstairs neighbor just came by to show me his box of condoms he bought in preparation, if you’re on the east coast, it might be time to step to it and get what you need right now. Yes, the stores will be a shit show and you’ll probably be yelled at by not only one but several people as you fight for that last loaf of bread, but that’s the price you pay for doing all this last minute.

Besides the usual hurricane-related prep-kit, here are a few other items that you may have not thought of, so add them to your list now.


Photo: NASA