Glad you asked.

It’s Pumpkin Pie. Okay, but it can’t be any old pumpkin pie, right? No, it can’t be. Anyone can just dump some canned pumpkin pie filling out of a can and slap in some pie crust and boom, you’ve got a pie. No. What you need is an oreo pie crust.

Because the pumpkin filling itself, it’s a little too simplistic right? It’s just “oh, pumpkin filling, here I am, being delicious and awesome.” It wants to blend with something else. Something more mass produced and less nutritional than itself. Something with an almost naive sweetness that’s still sort of wild. The pumpkin filling is sort of like an old man who wants to run off with Lindsay Lohan, not in a sexy way, but in a “hey, let’s go to the disco, I’ll bring my 100 iPods” way. Lindsay Lohan is that oreo crust. The pumpkin filling is Karl Lagerfeld.

And then you put some candied walnuts on top, and no, I don’t know who they represent, but I know that they show that you care about presentation.

And that is why pumpkin pie with oreo crust and candied walnuts is the best Thanksgiving food.

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