Because they have really ginormous nails, the big people?

No, it has to do with the chairs. According to WSB Atlanta, after Michelle Fonville realized that she’d been overcharged by $5 for her eyebrow wax, manicure and pedicure, things quickly deteroriated.

“I said, ‘I’ve been overcharged. She may have made an error,’” said Fonville. “She broke it down, then told me she charged me $5 more because I was overweight.”

Fonville said she couldn’t believe what was happening and recounted the experience with Channel 2 Action News reporter Eric Philips.

“I said, Ma’am, you can’t charge me $5 more. That’s discrimination because of my weight,” said Fonville.

Salon manager Kim Tran told Philips that the surcharge was due to costly repairs of broken chairs by overweight customers. She said the chairs have a weight capacity of 200 pounds and cost $2,500 to fix.

“Do you think that’s fair when we take $24 [for manicure and pedicure] and we have to pay $2,500? Is that fair? No,” Tran told Philips.

Tran said she refunded the $5 surcharge, and told Fonville to take her business elsewhere.

My first inclaination is to say “wow, that salon totally sucks.”

That said, I understand that having to repair things must be inconvenient for the salon. And $2,500 is a lot. Still, it seems unfair to discriminate against people who didn’t actually break anything. Maybe a better system would be to have some sort of sign in the salon which reads, “you break it, you buy it, and p.s., chairs cost $2,500, so just think about that, think about that hard?” That way chairs would protected both against the overweight, and crazy drunken maniacs who just like to stumble into salons and smash up some chairs (us).

Or maybe they just suck. What do you think they should do?