Image via Michael Carpenter / WENN

Anna Nicole Smith has been dead for more than three years, but that isn’t stopping people from trying to make money off of her name. Following in the proud footsteps of Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead is Jackie Hatten. Hatten, who is the sister of Smith’s ex-boyfriend Mark Hatten, is selling off a bunch of the star’s personal items – including bras, underwear, garter belts, and bedding – on eBay. In case you weren’t sure if the items were legit, don’t worry – Hatten is including a handwritten certificate of authenticity with each item. Whew! As long as there’s a handwritten piece of paper from some person I’ve never met or heard of, then something must be for real.

If Hatten was, as she claims to be, Smith’s best friend, then why does she want to sell her friend’s personal belongings? Furthermore, who has her dead friend’s undergarments in her possession? Right now I have my best friend’s cardigan that I borrowed from her last week, but I stay the hell out of her underwear drawer. Maybe if I could dredge up the $500 for a pair of Anna Nicole’s panties I could also ask the seller some questions about the nature of the sale. You know, just for “authenticity.”