Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN

There are so many questions about this photo. First of all, why the hell was Pablo Escobar Jr., son of the legendary cocaine lord, at a birthday party for the crazy chick from Real Housewives of New Jersey? Second, what the hell does he have on his head?

Danielle gained infamy when her past – as a Miami coke lord’s girlfriend and a high priced escort, among other things – was revealed during the first season of Real Housewives. Since then, she has sold a sex tape, tried to embark on a singing career, hired a “bodyguard,” and horned in on the modeling success of her daughter Christine. All the while, she’s trying to claim that her past wasn’t that scandalous and that she wasn’t involved in drugs and hooking. Here’s a hint, Danielle: IF YOU WANT TO DOWNPLAY YOUR DRUG HISTORY, DO NOT HAVE A COKE LORD’S SON AT YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY WHICH IS BEING HELD AT A STRIP CLUB.

Ahem. Sorry. Danielle makes me inexplicably shouty.